Bally Blitz Parlay Game Can Turn A $2 Entry Into $1 MIllion

Add some extra excitement to your football wagering with Bally Blitz.

This football parlay game is exclusive to the Bally Bet mobile sportsbook app, available for download on iOS and Android.

Bally Blitz is a unique wagering experience that is easily digestible for casual fans or betting experts alike. Best of all, it gives you a chance to turn a $2 ticket into a $1 million payday.

How to find Bally Blitz

Download and log in to the Bally Bet app. You will see a Bally Millions banner in our promotional carousel on the home page, or on the betting menu in the upper left corner of the app.

• • •

Tap on the banner to open the Bally Millions game page. From here, tap on the Bally Blitz logo to open the parlay game.

• • •

From here, tap the Play Now button to open that week’s slate of games.

How to play Bally Blitz

The premise of the game is simple: predict the exact number of touchdowns scored in each of the 10 selected Sunday NFL games.

You can pick each touchdown total individually, or use our built-in “Quick Pick” feature to simplify the process.

Bally Blitz app screenshot.

There are no entry caps on Bally Blitz contests, so you can submit as many entries as you want to increase your odds of winning big.

• • •

This gives you the ability to diversify your selections and allows you to cheer for multiple results as you watch the games.

• • •

As previously mentioned, with Bally Blitz, anybody who has a perfect ticket will win a guaranteed prize of $1,000,000.

That is not a shared prize pool either. If multiple players have winning tickets in a week, they all take home a cool seven digits.

Various ways to cash-in

Bally Blitz also uses a progressive payout system, meaning you can win even if you do not get all 10 games correct. In fact, you just need to get 4 out of 10 selections correct for a payout.

The full payout table is:

10 out of 10 selections: $1,000,000 prize

9 out of 10 selections: $50,000 prize

8 out of 10 selections: $5,000 prize

7 out of 10 selections: $200 prize

6 out of 10 selections: $50 prize

5 out of 10 selections: $10 prize

4 out of 10 selections: Entry fee back

So fret not if a garbage-time touchdown busts one of your picks, there are still many chances to pocket a winning ticket.

Download the Bally Bet app today to get access to the entire portfolio of Bally Millions parlay games.

Only eligible individuals 21 years of age or older and present in Colorado or Iowa can use Bally Blitz. Additional terms and conditions may apply.